Minnesota to offer scholarships to regional college students

University of Minnesota officials plan to pay students to attend regional colleges across the state, the Tribune of the Stars reported.

Minnesota residents who enroll at the Duluth, Rochester, Crookston, and Morris campuses of the University of Minnesota would receive several thousand dollars in scholarships if the state legislature decides to fund the scholarship program. studies of Greater Minnesota. The university has asked the Legislature, which is working with a record $9 billion budget surplus, for $30 million for the program.

“Minnesota is a net exporter of high school students, especially to surrounding states,” Bob McMaster, vice provost and dean of undergraduate education at the university, told the Board of Regents. “Such a generous scholarship program would likely retain more students in the state and in the University of Minnesota system.”

Under the new program, each qualifying student would receive $4,000 to $5,000 in the first year and $1,000 to $2,000 for the following three years. University officials hope the program will reduce the average student debt burden of regional campus graduates.

In 2020, graduates from the Rochester and Morris campuses had an average of just under $25,000 in student debt, the Tribune of the Stars reported. Crookston graduates had an average debt of $27,000 and Duluth graduates an average of $32,000.

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