Outlier.org will give 750,000 Amazon employees free access to college courses

In our society, there is intense pressure to obtain a university degree. Parents, with the best intentions in the world, tell their children that they must go to college or risk facing a dead end future. Significantly more doors are opened with a degree. However, the costs are exorbitant.

Many graduates struggle with crippling tuition debt. It weighs heavily and impacts every aspect of their lives. The amount of interest, as well as the payments, does not leave much discretionary income. This is especially prevalent among graduates who cannot find well-paying jobs.

This generation will be the first in modern history that does not have the same lifestyle or a better lifestyle than their parents. They worry about getting married, having children and buying a house because they can imagine finding the funds. It doesn’t help that inflation is raging, driving up the cost of everything from food to gas at the pump.

There is an interesting alternative. In an extensive interview with Aaron Rasmussen, CEO of Outlier.org and co-founder and former creative director and chief technology officer of Masterclass, he reveals the solutions offered by his company. College doesn’t have to be the alpha and omega. It makes sense, Rasmussen said, for people who are unsure of what they want to do with their lives and who don’t want to spend a small fortune without direction — to start small. With the platform offered by Outlier.org, a person could start taking a handful of college courses in different disciplines, ranging from calculus to sociology to psychology. If they find a calling, they may want to go all the way and get a degree.

On the other side of the equation, companies are desperately looking for ways to attract, recruit and retain workers in this ever-growing big quit movement. The talent war is forcing companies to offer a range of benefits, in addition to good pay, to keep the best and brightest from leaving.

Although Amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the world, it is not immune to worker attrition and turnover. The company realizes that it needs to find smart and mutually beneficial ways to entice people to join the company and happily stay there.

To help both workers and the company, online university education platform Outlier.org announced its partnership with Amazon. He was selected as one of five National Education Partners for Amazon’s Career Choice program.

Through its Employee Pathways program, Outlier.org will provide Amazon’s 750,000 qualified hourly employees in the United States the opportunity to access a personalized Amazon College Pathway certificate and the full catalog of general education courses, covering math. and writing, as well as liberal arts and business. choice.

The certificate and courses provide a meaningful pathway to a degree with highly transferable credits accepted at institutions across the country, while allowing students to explore different majors and global career paths, all at no cost to employees. .

The course, similar to the brilliant work Rasmussen did at Masterclass, offers cinematic-quality online lectures. The CEO of Outlier.org sought out some of the smartest and most charismatic leaders in academia, including instructors from Yale, MIT and Columbia, to teach the online courses. In addition to a top-quality learning experience, students receive one-on-one tutoring.

Through its partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, Outlier.org grants transferable college credit. Amazon employees can use the courses to apply to other higher education institutions if they wish to continue their studies. In a staggering statistic, one in every 215 employees in the United States works at Amazon. This trend could spark a revolution in the way people pursue their college education.

Rasmussen said of the collaboration with Amazon, “It’s fantastic that Amazon is leading the way in providing high-quality education as a free benefit to its employees.” He continued, “It heralds a future where many forward-thinking companies empower their employees with credited training and foundational pathways for career advancement. Together, we can increase access to education and reduce debt. student. “

He said education as a benefit is the future. By offering free tuition, companies will be more successful in attracting, recruiting and retaining workers. Employees will feel appreciated, more involved in the company, feel empowered and motivated. As they pursue courses, management will view the person as a fast follower and provide them with new opportunities within the organization. Even if someone graduates, receives a diploma and leaves, they will be a great brand ambassador telling everyone about their wonderful experience. The Outlier.org and Amazon Career Choice partnership provides learning, finding a future career passion, and not having to worry about being buried in student debt for life.

Rasmussen reflected, “What better way to pursue these missions than to provide an incredible opportunity for these Amazon employees to explore academic writing, psychology, academic algebra, sociology, introductory business, and many other courses, while earning college credits they can use for their future. degrees?”

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